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Domestic Operations

Our primary local plantation is situated in Teluk Intan and is managed by our subsidiary, Pinehill Plantations (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. The main focus of the plantation is oil palm cultivation and processing. Pinehill Plantations makes up 3,723-hectare of the plantation. To maintain the yield, the company is strictly emphasising on the committed re-planting cycles.

As for processing, our company’s mill is located within the plantation vicinity and has the capacity to process 30 tonnes of fresh fruit bunches (FFB) per hour, with the potential to expand to 45 tonnes per hour.

The company’s hard work and efficiency has not gone unnoticed.  In 1997, Pinehill Plantations (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, our subsidiary company, was awarded the Palm Oil Registration and Licensing Authority (PORLA) for being recognised as the company with the highest oil extraction rate (OER) of oil palm in the northern territory.

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